Just a casual podcast about art therapy.

https://arttherapod.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/monica-interview.wav  Monica Salinas ATR, LPC talking about working at Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center, yoga and Art therapy education at George Washington University.

Last week I saw the documentary City of Joy at the Dallas International film Festival.  I share a little about the film and getting to meet the director of the program, Christine Schuler Deschryver.  City of Joy web site

city of joy


How to become an art therapist

Texas journey to becoming an art therapist and a peek into weaving and it’s historic connection to gender.


Well I just got a sneak peek at the musical intro and I LOOOVE it!  So excited to add that to the mix.  Although I don’t know how to edit yet.  I am hoping I can figure it out.  So tonight’s mini podcast is about how to become an art therapist in Texas.  Here are the links I gave:

www.arttherapy.orgAtayal weaving


Also, I talk about weaving and gender…yep they are connected!  Curious?  Listen!

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Launching into the unknown!

So for those who know me, if I get an idea and want to do something I usually run with it.  Well, lately I have become obsessed with listening to podcasts.  I have several I love to listen to while I am driving on my commute to and from the hospital for work.  Then as I was talking to an intern about how Masters degree holding art therapist jobs are being taken by therapists who took a class on expressive arts, I thought…wait, I should start a podcast and have a forum to discuss topics that affect us and our profession.  But I don’t just want a rant fest! No!  I have developed a format that includes introductions to art techniques and supplies and links to videos or photos here and Instagram and Facebook for visuals.   Conversations will be relaxed and real, not clinical or formal.  Hang out, grab your colored pencils and art journal, a cup of coffee and join us for a little art therapod.